Pattern Box

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Hi all,

So as you all know i went to The Whitehouse Institute Of Design on Tuesday the 2nd of December in Surry Hills.

Whilst i was there i came across a shop by the name of The Stables- and purchased a Pattern Box.

This is a box filled with 100 postcards designed by 10 contemporary designers.

First and foremost i need to say that all the prints on these postcards are amazing and some hand drawn. The reason i bought this Pattern Box was originally just for a room ornament but now that i have seen just how amazing all the patterns are i am thinking of blowing a few up and getting them printed on to canvas.

I highly recommend you check out all the designers and just how inspiring they all are!

Brittany Keats Cerulo- Illustrator and Textile Designer

Helen Dealtry- Artist and Printed Textile Designer

Jennifer Parry Dodge- Founder of ERMIE-

Eskayel- Graphic design, Fashion and Interiors

Victoria Garcia- Emerging artist, Designer and Illustrator

Leah Reena Goren- Illustrator and Surface Pattern Designer

Kindah Khalidy- Painter and Surface Designer

Anna Niestroj- Designer behind the experimental studio BLINKBLINK-


Hannah Schultz- Textile designer and Specialty Screen-Printing Consultant

Leanne Shapton-llustrator, Author and Publisher

Love Maisy xx

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