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The Festive Season


Hi all,

Sorry i havent posted anything in a few days but i have been so wrapped up in christmas and getting into the festive season that i havent had a chance.

This post is going to be basically about what i have spent the past few days doing, i am now on holidays and due to the rainy weather i have been inside alot of the time.

#1- Hosting a christmas themed movie marathon:

Hosting and chritsmas themed movie marathon is so much fun! Grab a few of your closest friends or even family and grab the chocolate, put on your favouriute movies and start the fun. A few movies that i am obsessed with at the moment are the first Home Alone movie, Elf, The Grinch & The Nightmare Before Christmas.

#2-Bake some festive treats to share around:

Baking yummy things such as christmas cookies, a gingerbread house or men, shortbread bistcuits or some yummy mince pies, are all things that are sure to get you in the mood for the festive season and are a yummy early treat to have whilst waiting for christmas to arrive.

#3- DIY projects:

This year for alot of families money is tight at christmas time but decorating your house for chritsmas is a must, a few DIY projects that are simple and fun are alot cheaper then buying decor.

Making your own christmas scented candle-  http://www.livingwellspendingless.com/2013/11/18/diy-cinnamon-candle-gift-handmade-holidays/

Making your own advent calender- http://www.parents.com/holiday/christmas/crafts/best-advent-calendars/

#4- Decorate your tree with personalised decorations:

There are alot of things that are easy to make and can help your christmas tree look amazing this year, as i was getting lost on youtube with all the DIY projects i came across one in particular that stuck out to me. This idea is so cute and so easy that it would be great to do with the kids as a rainy day activity. This is Niomi Smart one of my favourite youtubers she has the cutest taste in decor for her home and the best fashion taste as well. Subscribe to her!


Well thats it, i hope you enjoy all these activities as much as i have, making the homemade candle is by far my favourite but the movie marathon is so good as well. Have an amazing christmas and new year but im sure there will be another blog post before then!

Love Maisy xx